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Digital transformation
and digitalization of business
Absolutely all companies, regardless of profitability and number of employees. Defining the digital transformation of this business transformation by redefining its business strategy, models, operations, goals, implementation of approaches and products by introducing digital technologies to realize and grow the business.
needs digitalization?
Which business
Imagine that the sales team...

  • Use CRM and knowledge base to create sales proposals with a deeper understanding of customers and the market.
  • They have instant access to a portfolio of products and services, their descriptions and prices - the knowledge necessary for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • They make decisions about discounts themselves, guided by clear pricing rules, and conclude more profitable deals with "warm" customers.
  • They generate knowledge about current and potential customers, do not lose important information after calls and meetings in order to be one step ahead.

It's easier than you think - all you need is two applications and the help of an expert. We take it upon ourselves.
Imagine marketers...

  • Combine customer behavioral data from the website, CRM, helpdesk, and other channels to accurately target marketing campaigns.
  • They use big data to personalize content for each site or store visitor.
  • They create loyalty programs that customers will love 100%. After all, marketers do not miss a word of feedback and communication. Even between the lines.
  • Can predict which investments will return the fastest based on segmentation, analytics, and marketing campaign history.

Orange Telecom has achieved this and more by incorporating several Atlassian applications into their workflows.

The good news is that these solutions are great for you too.
Imagine that support professional:

  • Anticipate workload and resource requirements to meet customer needs within budget.
  • Measure success in customer satisfaction, not email responses.
  • They have a single point of contact for all types of clients.
  • Automatically distribute customer requests among specialists depending on complexity, priority and other parameters.
  • Less busy. The support team does not need to be expanded because customers resolve issues through self-service portals.

Point Solutions – a hosting provider from Switzerland achieved this in less than a week.

We bet we can make it faster for you
Imagine sysadmins...

  • They know the solution to the problem as soon as it appears and ensures that the teams work smoothly.
  • We are sure that the incident will not happen again, will not become a problem, will not hold back changes and will not blow a hole in the budget.
  • They reduce the cost of IT resources - from laptops and printers to critical software - because they plan for demand, align it with the budget, and constantly work with suppliers.
  • Provides instant compatibility with the latest security requirements.

Even if the company is not associated with software development, software and infrastructure support your business processes. And it is better that they are monitored by an IT team that adheres to the principles of ITSM.
Imagine that HR professional...

  • They do not have "irreplaceable people". Agile and ITSM tools give you access to knowledge bases, mentoring and coaching systems so you can train new talent quickly. Thus, if a key specialist leaves, his knowledge continues to work for the adaptation of new employees.
  • Open to discussions of any questions from employees, strengthening their loyalty and making staff retention more successful

We did it for Sony and are ready to scale solutions for any type of business.
Imagine that top manager...

  • Do not waste time on micromanagement and invest it in strategic development for years to come.
  • Maintain a large portfolio of services and products and invest in those that will bring the highest return.
  • Created self-managed teams that make their own decisions at different levels.

Many times we have replaced micromanagement with leadership and mutual accountability. And every time we have seen companies succeed.
Imagine that accountants...

  • Flexible enough to reallocate budgets due to changing priorities.
  • Keeps up to date with the latest changes in legislation and successful international cases from the knowledge base.
  • We have achieved a transparent workflow and are confident that we have accounted for each asset.

We have helped many companies to simplify document flow, approval procedures and work with classified information. Does anyone else need help?
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How we are working?
People, technology, workflows, value streams - these exist in non-IT organizations as well. We analyze how the business works, identify promising directions for Agile, opportunities, risks, constraints and KPIs to measure results.

You get a detailed plan that combines predictable results with the flexibility to embrace change along the way.
We select pioneers in the company to start the transformation in those departments where it will bring the greatest benefit.

We also receive support from top managers when introducing new tools and implementing the strategy.
We work with teams
We fix the initial performance indicators, plan intermediate and final KPIs. We regularly evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of the transformation goals with the company's strategy.
Evaluation of results
We implement a model of continuous change that takes into account the initial data and easily adapts to the growth of the company.
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