GT Platform
GT Platform is the face of the ecosystem. We are strictly focused on deal origination. In other words, GTP serves as a deal sourcing mechanism for buy-side and sell-side opportunities. We are the first step towards creating a deal that will be evaluated in the market, prepared for funding, marketed to potential network of investors, and mobilized for launch and execution.
Additional Value at no cost

GTP Management Team at your service ( up to 20 h/month)

Use of GTP brand in your marketing and promotional materials

Video profile of the founder(s)

Video Profile of the company

Video Profile of the service/product
We Create stories around your success

To generate interest

To gain shared experience

To close sales

To drive profits

To benefit society

Target Industries 5 companies
only for each to be selected
Robotics & Automation
Robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. We're helping clients use the newest technologies to change the way they work.
Logistics & Services
Specific and value-added solutions to the supply chain of all its customers, being specialist in international transport, project cargo, logistics and customs.
Blockchain & AI
Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are two of the hottest technology trends right now.
Space & Aviation
In a complex and fast-moving world, our emphasis on Aviation and Space is a speedy turnaround of business.
We enable clients industry-wide adopt VR/AR/MR technologies – to streamline processes, increase productivity and deliver pioneering training and service.
FinTech & Agro Tech
FinTech segment (technology for the banking and financial industry), the innovation that startups can bring includes a wide range of possibilities.
Digital HealthCare
Digital healthcare solutions, such as software or internet-connected devices created for detection or treatment of medical indications, are creating digital disruption in healthcare.
BioTech & NanoTech
Biotechnology is a life science which deals with the study and modification of living organisms and biomolecules to enable the cost-effective manufacture of various products and vectors.
IoT & Shared Economy
IoT devices that will help businesses and individuals to be part of the next generation of decentralized shared economy applications.